Once upon a time...

in Sèvres,

14, rue Croix-Bosset

at the top of a staircase, after passing a porch, then a second staircase, an old house which welcomed children.

It is the memory of this house, the memory of those who there lived, of those who were welcomed there whom we want to remember.

This site aims to. . . share.

Share memories, photos, songs... between those who experienced them, scattered across five continents, but also with the inhabitants of Sèvres, whom many remember, and also with all those for whom education in freedom has meaning.

If some old-timers can, by "looking through" this site, find buried emotions, share them with loved ones, if in addition a few educators, parents or teachers, found there any interest, then it would have been useful.

Young schoolchildren, who attend street school Croix-Bosset, will be able to imagine what existed in the same location.

The "old house", after around ten years, has continued his life, rejuvenated, transformed, in Meudon, on the other side of the valley, and many generations of children continued to be there welcomed by Goëland and all the people who continued the work undertaken by a few during the Occupation.

This site is also theirs.

Finally, I warmly greet and thank the team of site sè* which created a file in 2003 on "the House children of Sèvres" knowing that memory accompanies freedom.

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In terms of form, I endeavored to bring together and put together available to all, significant and evocative documents which were scattered. This explains a simple classification (photos, texts, sounds and audiovisuals, testimonials, etc.).

March 15, 2004,

The Château de Bussières was closed in July 2009, thus the Maison de Sèvres became a legend.

In October 2021, we had the joy of attending the premiere of Michel Leclerc's film "Penguin, Goëland and their 500 little ones"**

At the end of 2022 and beginning of 2023, several initiatives led us to revisit this site, to update it to take into account developments in IT tools and to complete certain subjects. This work takes time and don't be surprised if sometimes you encounter "oddities": it's simply that the site is under construction. Please let us know if you have any questions or reactions. Thank you.

Robert, summer 2023.

* now disappeared

** available on DVD