samedi 4 juin 2005 : le retour des hirondelles

It was once…

at Sèvres,

14, rue Croix-Bosset

at the top of a stair, after the passage of a hall, then a second stair, an old house which welcomed children.

It is the recollection of this house, the memory of those that lived there, of those that were welcomed there that we want to call back.

This site has as purpose . . . to share.

Share the recollections, the photos, the songs…among those that lived them, scattered on five continents, but also with the inhabitants of Sèvres, among which many people remember, and also with all those for whom the education in the freedom has a sense.

If some ancient can, "by going through" this site, find buried feelings, make them share to their close relations, so besides some educators, parents or teachers, found there some interest, then it would have been useful.

The young pupils, who frequent the school of the street Croix-Bosset, could imagine what existed in the same place.

The " old house ", at the end of about ten years continued its life, felt younger , transformed, to Meudon, on the other side of the valley, and children's numerous generations continued to be there welcomed by Goéland and all the persons who keep on the works begun by some under the "Occupation".

This site is also theirs.

Finally, we greet and thank warmly the team of the site "" which for several years in constituted a file on " the Children's home of Sèvres " knowing that the memory accompanies the freedom.

Monday, March 15, 2004
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On the shape,
at first we try hard to collect and to give to all, the maximum of significant, at present scattered documents. This explains a simple classification (photos, texts, sounds and audiovisuals, testimonies, etc.).